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Before going to the list of the most popular business card papers. Let's understand the importance of business cards. Such as design elements, fonts, color schemes, your brand's logo, the kind of information you share, etc. make or break your brand.

In the business world, it is an established fact that your business card is the doormat of your company. This makes business cards, also known as business cards or visiting cards, very crucial to your business. So, it is worthwhile to spend time and effort creating a business card that best suits your business.

Types of business card paper

Business cards are the primary identity of any business. Whether it's an event, a business network, your business cards speak the most for you. While there are many articles and tips to assist in business card design, in addition to layout, there are several types of business card paper that you can choose from when printing your business cards. . There are different types of business card paper. It can be classified according to the normal type, and also can be divided according to the thickness of the paper, technically called "gsm". The types of business card paper determine the quality of the business card. There are coated paper, linen and synthetic paper.

Discover the 4 types of business card paper to choose from.

Original matte paper

Genuine matte paper is the most commonly used paper in the industry. They are available in the range of standard papers from 280 to 320 gsm. GSM can be expanded in grams per square meter, which indicates the thickness of the card.

Extra strong matte paper

When they say that blood is thicker than water, that implies context. The same goes for business cards. The quality and thickness of your business cards implies connection and the seriousness they add to the business. How about giving it an extra boost and increasing the thickness of your business card to 350gsm?

Textured paper

Make your potential customers feel like your business. Textured business cards feel when you touch them. Textured papers add style to your business. They come in cards of 280-300 g / m2. They are durable and stylish.

Not Tearable

What you don't break makes you stronger. Likewise, what isn't broken will add value to your identity. Check out the tear-resistant 200-micron paper that won't tear. This paper guarantees its durability and quality

After giving detailed information. of any paper type, discover the best business cards on the market and print them at the best price at Abhinav Printers.

Most commonly used type of business card paper

The most commonly used type of business card paper in the industry is the "Matte Paper" type. It gives you a great professional look and makes your brand stand out through the design.

Mobile phone paper business card

General paper for cell phone business cards is 300 gsm

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