Monday 21 December 2020

Invitation and Greeting card Ideas

 Invitations play a significant role in the current environment as people invite others to be part of their celebration. The use of personalized design invitations is in trend and is the first step towards organizing a special event. Moreover, it is one of the most effective way to give your people the necessary information regarding the event. If an individual is organizing a party at large level then with the help of invitation cards they would be able to provide knowledge regarding the theme of party to its guests. Here are some inspiring party invitation ideas for all type of special events or occasions which help you in designing your own  customized invitation card.

Birthday Celebration is quite popular and everyone whether it be adult or kid wants to celebrate their special day in their own ways. The use of attractive and designer invitation cards which provides required information to the close ones results in celebration mood. People can use invitation ideas such as for garden party they can design their invitation in floral patterns. For pool party they can design their card on tropical theme as it is highly in trend these days. Tropical style is quite comfortable and full of color design which provides brighter side as it involves use of natural materials.

The Classic gold invitation design is a simple and traditional style that never goes out of trend. This design can be used by people to design their invitation cards for any occasion. The use of gorgeous gold edge design with content in center provides a sparkle and shine look to the invitation card. Moreover the use of combination of creamy soft simple paper and information in gold is one of the perfect way to introduce an elegant and neutral invitation. Furthermore, the use of gold thermography printing design can be used by people as it provides an expensive engraving look. This design is unique as well as quite affordable printing design for invitation cards. One can customize this design in any color with a gold effect on it in order to make it look classy.

Many people prefer a dramatic and gorgeous black invitation design according to occasion. This design is known as the regal damask invitation design with the use of black laser-cut wrap on the first page.  People can customize this invitation idea with the use of thermography ink on white paper which looks bumpy and attractive. Furthermore, the use of flat ink printing in any color provides a sparkly look to glossy black invitation design.

Leaves design invitation cards in gold or silver color provide a natural and attractive look to the people. It is one of the new and trendy design which requires creamy and shimmer paper.

Modern fairy tale design is the girlish design idea for customizing the invitation with the use of fairy tale, personal photos and graphics in pink color. This design is basically used for a girl's birthday parties and wedding invitations.

Bloom design is simple design which can be used by people where beautiful boards are used for customized invitation. The most used broad design is floral blossom which looks amazing in any size and shape.

3D invitationdesign idea is used by teenagers to send invitation to their friends and close ones at is give a cool look to the invitation. Moreover it is an attractive design where the outer layer is folded and in center, the 3D effect is provided.

Use of burgundy design provides a royal look to the invitation card. The use of dark burgundy fine quality lined sheet with content in golden ink adds instant glam to the invitation. This color is in trend as it is liked and preferred by almost every person as it looks stunning and provides the perfect touch to the card.

Minmalistic invitation design idea is sober as with the use of two or more soft shades along with images the unique and attractive invitation cards can be created.

Hence while planning for the party invitation cards one should be able to make proper use of details as small information have a central impact. On should focus on designing unique and attractive designs as it becomes the center of attraction and put a good impression on the other people.

Wednesday 2 December 2020

9 Different ways to fold a printed Leaflet or Brochure

Paper is considered as one of the most adaptable medium as it can be transformed into something unique and creative. In the present scenario, a wide range of folders or brochure folds can be created with a single sheet of paper and many other useful and creative things in print marketing. Here are some popular and innovative ways of creating fancy multi-page printed brochures or leaflets.

Basic Fold is a simple two-fold form of brochure where a single sheet has been used and is open either vertically or horizontally. Basically, it has four panels and is a quite simple design which is less costly for the manufacturer as well as for the clients. The basic fold is the most common and inexpensive design preferred by many customers or clients.

Accordion Fold design is mostly used for brochure purpose where it can hold a lot of information in a small shape. This design is mostly used as it is attractive and has more information in comparison to other types of brochures. Moreover, this design is in form of the letter Z if looked from the top and it divides the paper into three folds. Commonly this design is known as the zig-zag design where six panels are being created which holds a large amount of information. Furthermore, according to the needs and requirements of clients, the size and design can be changed in this style of the brochure.

The Tri-Fold brochure is popularly known as a three-panel fold design where the paper is folded three times. It’s also in the form of zig-zag where one panel goes over the other panel like an accordion that does not collapse down. This style is mostly used by companies where brochure is designed in a way to resemble their business letter. This style helps in providing information which is relevant to previous paper in order to provide the information in a systematic manner. As it covers a large area so information is provided with graphic images which make the brochures more attractive and interesting.

Gate Fold design is creative as it opens from the center and it has a total of six panels where the center panel is of equal size. This design is mostly used in a presentation as a lot of information can be provided to the reader which provides various creative opportunities and build their interest.


Map Fold is a type of road map where the paper has been folded several times in order to provide something much larger. It is a complex form of the brochure which is limited to stocks and requires special tools and equipment in its creation. This type of brochure is mainly used to describe the product or to give instructions about the product. Map fold design is used in order to give a large amount of data with graphic images in a small space.


Poster Fold is a type of brochure in which multiple folds take place and is made on a large poster-size sheet. As per the requirements of clients the size of the poster is determine that is initially basic fold is done and the rest of the fold depends on the amount of information need to be covered in the brochure. This form of style offers various innovative and creative designs in which the attractive and unique poster style brochure can be made.

Roll Fold design is one of the orderly design formed using legal-size paper which is created with the use of machines or with the use of hands. It is a spiral design brochure where the number of panels are equal in size and are tucked inside the next in order to give unique look. It is one of the simple design which is complicated to pull but on the other hand, provide one large four-panel stylish design.

Strip half fold is a simple brochure design in which the sheet is folded in half in length instead of landscape folding. Basically, it is a long, thin, and four-panel brochure design which can be modified according to requirement of clients.


Double Parallel Fold is created when the paper is folded in half and then in half again in the same direction. Eight panels are created from the double parallel fold. With that many panels, it can be used to present several products or can unfold to reveal a large graphic such as a map or chart. It is compact so a large piece of paper can be mailed in a smaller envelope.


Tuesday 25 August 2020


Before going to the list of the most popular business card papers. Let's understand the importance of business cards. Such as design elements, fonts, color schemes, your brand's logo, the kind of information you share, etc. make or break your brand.

In the business world, it is an established fact that your business card is the doormat of your company. This makes business cards, also known as business cards or visiting cards, very crucial to your business. So, it is worthwhile to spend time and effort creating a business card that best suits your business.

Types of business card paper

Business cards are the primary identity of any business. Whether it's an event, a business network, your business cards speak the most for you. While there are many articles and tips to assist in business card design, in addition to layout, there are several types of business card paper that you can choose from when printing your business cards. . There are different types of business card paper. It can be classified according to the normal type, and also can be divided according to the thickness of the paper, technically called "gsm". The types of business card paper determine the quality of the business card. There are coated paper, linen and synthetic paper.

Discover the 4 types of business card paper to choose from.

Original matte paper

Genuine matte paper is the most commonly used paper in the industry. They are available in the range of standard papers from 280 to 320 gsm. GSM can be expanded in grams per square meter, which indicates the thickness of the card.

Extra strong matte paper

When they say that blood is thicker than water, that implies context. The same goes for business cards. The quality and thickness of your business cards implies connection and the seriousness they add to the business. How about giving it an extra boost and increasing the thickness of your business card to 350gsm?

Textured paper

Make your potential customers feel like your business. Textured business cards feel when you touch them. Textured papers add style to your business. They come in cards of 280-300 g / m2. They are durable and stylish.

Not Tearable

What you don't break makes you stronger. Likewise, what isn't broken will add value to your identity. Check out the tear-resistant 200-micron paper that won't tear. This paper guarantees its durability and quality

After giving detailed information. of any paper type, discover the best business cards on the market and print them at the best price at Abhinav Printers.

Most commonly used type of business card paper

The most commonly used type of business card paper in the industry is the "Matte Paper" type. It gives you a great professional look and makes your brand stand out through the design.

Mobile phone paper business card

General paper for cell phone business cards is 300 gsm

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Tuesday 18 August 2020

Pocket Folders and Presentation Folders

Pocket folders, also known as presentation folders, are not only a convenient way
Showcase your marketing materials, but they aren't expensive either.

Pocket folders are available in many sizes; some of the most common are: 9 x 12 (for
8.5 x 11 sheets), 6 x 9 (for 5.5 x 8.5 sheets) and 9 x 14.5 (for Legal size sheets).

Pocket folders have one or two inner pockets and can hold things in each pocket.
card slots, CD slots, or no slots.

The files can be printed in 1 color, 2 colors or in color. They are usually printed on the
only the outside and back cover, but they can also be printed on the inside.

They are available in almost all types of cover papers: glossy, matte, uncoated, textured
(linen, shelves, columns, etc.) in different colors or other special materials.

Create a unique presentation
There is almost no limit to the creativity you can get with your pocket folder:

- Cut out to create a unique shape for the backrest itself or the pockets
- UV, gloss or opaque coatings to highlight specific areas
- Save or save a photo or a company name
- Pocket folder with three panels
- Multi-page brochure with a pocket on the front and / or inside the back

Would you like to see sample flyers, paper options, or discuss your project? Contact us at: +91 9829058271 or

Thursday 13 August 2020

How to find the best poster printing companies

List of local poster printers

Before you can start considering and comparing poster printing companies in your area, you need to know the businesses. Make a list of local printers in your area who can do poster design and printing so that you have a starting point for the evaluation process. Your list shouldn't be too long to be cumbersome, but it is essential that it contains more than two print shops.

1. Determine if you need a large format printer

Due to the oversized format of the posters, a printing company with the proper equipment is required. Typical poster sizes can vary from 16 × 20 to 27 × 40 inches and can be printed on a wide variety of substrates. Not all printers have the equipment to do the job or to deliver custom sizes and substrates. Make sure you choose a large format printer that can handle printing your poster.

2. Evaluate the possible designs of your poster and select one

Before you can evaluate poster printing companies, you must have a final design in mind. If you have no idea what you are looking for in terms of design and techniques, you may not be asking the right questions or receiving relevant samples for your order. Having a design in mind will make it easier for you and the printer.

3. For businesses that don't have their own graphics department, a print shop that also offers design services will simplify the process and provide you with a complete solution.

4. Research each potential printer online to determine its reputation.

Once you have a list of poster printing companies, you can start to rate any printer on the web. Look at the overall reputation of each printing company and the number of complaints and dissatisfied customers for each company. This will help you distinguish the best printers from those that offer only average quality and customer service.

5. Compare costs

Consider the price each large format printer charges for its materials and compare what you get for a given price. If you do not compare the costs of the same services, a true and accurate assessment and comparison is not possible. Make sure each printer's quote includes the same materials and services.

6. Look for the guarantees offered

Some poster printers offer a warranty, some don't. A warranty may show that the printer supports the services it provides, but there are different types of warranties and some may mean more than others. A money-back guarantee is better than an offer to reprint your order if your original deadline is missed because your items weren't ready when you needed them.

7. Limit your list to two or three options

By now you should have your list of poster printing companies and large format printing options in two or three possibilities. Otherwise, do more comparisons until you get that number. This allows you to get in touch with each of the options and further evaluate the printer.

8. Contact the people on the shortest list and discuss their needs.

Now that you only have a few poster printers, you can call everyone on the list to discuss their poster needs. This gives you the opportunity to discuss what to expect from your printer and know exactly which printing techniques and methods to choose. Every printer is different, and some may provide supports or services that others cannot.

9. Ask any potential printer about their experience with the techniques you want to use.

Some poster printers may not offer certain techniques that you are interested in, whether they are large format printers or not. Make sure that the print shop you are reviewing has the expertise to provide you with the techniques you want and the final quality and results you expect.

10. Make your final choice based on the first nine steps

The final step in comparing and evaluating poster printing companies is to make a final decision and choose the printer that will receive your order. At this point, you should have all the information you need about each printer to make an informed decision. 

Monday 10 August 2020

An Introduction to Office Stationery

We also have fully owned logistics to move around our merchandises and supplies, and thus we solve an issue to deal with one more vendor. All our printing and graphic designing is carried out by our in-house team for the same purpose, and the cost is reduced drastically in the process. We handle all the supplies by our tech-based services which reduces the time for each delivery. We are on social media platforms as well and getting in touch with us or raising a query is very easy. Our easy accessibility and good relationship with the companies set us apart from all the other vendors, suppliers, and retailers that an organization usually has to deal with to get their usual day to day supplies.

With our team having a digital marketing background and expertise in designing various gift cards, posters, banners, etc., we are a whole entity that deals with all the needs of a corporate. All our collaborations with the companies include a hassle free good quality service that has led to them entrusting us with all their services. Our success in the industry is mainly attributed to our different approach towards the need in a technological way. As the world is going online and people spending their time entirely on social media, our online way is the best way to connect with people and build a good online presence as well. 

Essential office stationery items

Professional Business Letterhead

A business letterhead is a pre-printed heading on documents like letters, memos, and notes. Including one will make any document look professional and help keep your branding consistent. Creating your own custom letterhead is easy, especially if you start with a business letterhead template.

Keep reading for helpful tips for how you can design your own business letterhead.

Envelope Buying Guide

With so many envelope options to choose from, it may be difficult to choose the very best ones for your specific need. You may be sending out invoices for your business or organizing your files in a way that calls for color-coordinated envelopes. Maybe you’re an artist looking for reliable envelopes to send your photos and prints in. 

You could be getting married and are looking for quality papers and envelopes for your invitations. No matter the project, dimensions or color requirements, our expansive selection of envelopes has what you’re looking for, even if you aren’t quite sure what exactly it is you need. 


There are a huge variety of notebooks in the market, but we recommend a ring- or spiral-bound pad. Traditional stapled or glued spines leave deep creases along the bound edge of a notebook. Over time, this can cause the papers to tear and fall apart.

Another benefit of spiral-bound pads is that it’s easy to remove pages from them without damaging the notebook. So if you need to tear off any page, simply rip the particular page off and the rest of the pages of the notebook will still remain intact! 

Promotional Pens

Custom options available able for all type of materials, on Plastic Pens we have screen printing option, on Metal Pens we used Engraving Print or Screen print as required on it. There are so many options available with pens category for example hard Plastic, Metal, Stainless steel, metal with matte finish and Pure Gold pens.

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Exclusive Printing Services & Products

Online Business Card, Menu Card, Layer, Letterheads, Pumplet, Brochures, Logo, Posters, ID Cards etc printing services in India. Upload your art work file or add Logo, text & Images to free design. Offset or digital printing options available.

We have exclusive service for book printing and binding... complete solution for book and its cover printing with highly designed scale under one roof.
We also provide our services for Layers also. Exclusively designed high quality flyers with cheap price.
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Monday 6 July 2020

Our exclusive Products and Services

We have exclusive service for book printing and binding... complete solution for book and its cover printing with highly designed scale under one roof.
We also provide our services for Layers also. Exclusively designed high quality flyers with cheap price.
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