Tuesday 18 August 2020

Pocket Folders and Presentation Folders

Pocket folders, also known as presentation folders, are not only a convenient way
Showcase your marketing materials, but they aren't expensive either.

Pocket folders are available in many sizes; some of the most common are: 9 x 12 (for
8.5 x 11 sheets), 6 x 9 (for 5.5 x 8.5 sheets) and 9 x 14.5 (for Legal size sheets).

Pocket folders have one or two inner pockets and can hold things in each pocket.
card slots, CD slots, or no slots.

The files can be printed in 1 color, 2 colors or in color. They are usually printed on the
only the outside and back cover, but they can also be printed on the inside.

They are available in almost all types of cover papers: glossy, matte, uncoated, textured
(linen, shelves, columns, etc.) in different colors or other special materials.

Create a unique presentation
There is almost no limit to the creativity you can get with your pocket folder:

- Cut out to create a unique shape for the backrest itself or the pockets
- UV, gloss or opaque coatings to highlight specific areas
- Save or save a photo or a company name
- Pocket folder with three panels
- Multi-page brochure with a pocket on the front and / or inside the back

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