Wednesday 2 December 2020

9 Different ways to fold a printed Leaflet or Brochure

Paper is considered as one of the most adaptable medium as it can be transformed into something unique and creative. In the present scenario, a wide range of folders or brochure folds can be created with a single sheet of paper and many other useful and creative things in print marketing. Here are some popular and innovative ways of creating fancy multi-page printed brochures or leaflets.

Basic Fold is a simple two-fold form of brochure where a single sheet has been used and is open either vertically or horizontally. Basically, it has four panels and is a quite simple design which is less costly for the manufacturer as well as for the clients. The basic fold is the most common and inexpensive design preferred by many customers or clients.

Accordion Fold design is mostly used for brochure purpose where it can hold a lot of information in a small shape. This design is mostly used as it is attractive and has more information in comparison to other types of brochures. Moreover, this design is in form of the letter Z if looked from the top and it divides the paper into three folds. Commonly this design is known as the zig-zag design where six panels are being created which holds a large amount of information. Furthermore, according to the needs and requirements of clients, the size and design can be changed in this style of the brochure.

The Tri-Fold brochure is popularly known as a three-panel fold design where the paper is folded three times. It’s also in the form of zig-zag where one panel goes over the other panel like an accordion that does not collapse down. This style is mostly used by companies where brochure is designed in a way to resemble their business letter. This style helps in providing information which is relevant to previous paper in order to provide the information in a systematic manner. As it covers a large area so information is provided with graphic images which make the brochures more attractive and interesting.

Gate Fold design is creative as it opens from the center and it has a total of six panels where the center panel is of equal size. This design is mostly used in a presentation as a lot of information can be provided to the reader which provides various creative opportunities and build their interest.


Map Fold is a type of road map where the paper has been folded several times in order to provide something much larger. It is a complex form of the brochure which is limited to stocks and requires special tools and equipment in its creation. This type of brochure is mainly used to describe the product or to give instructions about the product. Map fold design is used in order to give a large amount of data with graphic images in a small space.


Poster Fold is a type of brochure in which multiple folds take place and is made on a large poster-size sheet. As per the requirements of clients the size of the poster is determine that is initially basic fold is done and the rest of the fold depends on the amount of information need to be covered in the brochure. This form of style offers various innovative and creative designs in which the attractive and unique poster style brochure can be made.

Roll Fold design is one of the orderly design formed using legal-size paper which is created with the use of machines or with the use of hands. It is a spiral design brochure where the number of panels are equal in size and are tucked inside the next in order to give unique look. It is one of the simple design which is complicated to pull but on the other hand, provide one large four-panel stylish design.

Strip half fold is a simple brochure design in which the sheet is folded in half in length instead of landscape folding. Basically, it is a long, thin, and four-panel brochure design which can be modified according to requirement of clients.


Double Parallel Fold is created when the paper is folded in half and then in half again in the same direction. Eight panels are created from the double parallel fold. With that many panels, it can be used to present several products or can unfold to reveal a large graphic such as a map or chart. It is compact so a large piece of paper can be mailed in a smaller envelope.


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