Monday 19 April 2021

Why is there a need of Trendy Tea Boxes?

Tea is considered to be just another type of tool to get a relaxing mind after a very hectic day. Tea does not match up with the type of season. If it is winters then one can go for hot tea and in summers, one will choose ice tea. After a very tiring day, a hot cup of tea can be the best remedy for beating the stress. Considering intense importance of tea, its packaging becomes equally important. This is equally an important tool of getting attention from customers.  

Tealeaf is very delicate and it is important to preserve their aroma, therefore, it is a vital fact that the packaging should be in such a way that it is packing the content in airtight material and moreover should be designed in such a way that the packaging is containing the same features for re-use. For this reason, vacuum packing comes in front role and it helps sellers to ensure that 100% aroma and freshness is reaching to their target customers. Considering the volume of sales of tea in the place, it is important that its packaging is done in an eco-friendly manner as it will be supporting the idea of sustainable use of natural resources and also will be helpful to build a good image in the market. Considering the nature and most important function of tea, which is to provide relaxation to the mind, one important marketing tool is that tea packaging is done in light colors and suitable material so that it creates suitable vibes in minds of customers.

It is important that marketer understands the fact that packaging is just another tool of the process through which he or she can make a difference and stand out position in the cutthroat competition. Following are some of the most creative and recognized ways of packaging and they are explained in brief:

The Kraft Pouch: Today’s customer has increased concentration on the concept of sustainable development and also strongly come in support of environmentally friendly products and services. In this context, marketers have started to develop suitable products for environmentally-conscious consumers. A Kraft pouch is somewhat similar to this description. The main material used in this kind of packaging is craft paper, which also explains the name of this packaging. It is kept in mind while designing these pouches that they are equally efficient in use as plastic pouches are. The main function as explained above is to maintain the aroma and freshness of tea leaves. This kind of packaging is promoted all over the world as it is offering the much-needed benefit of today’s critical situation of the environment, which is sustainable use of natural resources and eco-friendly nature. This is also to be stated here that these kinds of packaging are comparatively more appealing and attractive for customers.

FSC Certified paper box: This is just another way of establishing a high-rated brand value of a product in the targeted market. This is done by using FSC paper in printing and promoting the paper box that is used for packaging. Raw materials used in this kind of packaging are procured by complying with all strict guidelines issued by the forest stewardship council or as commonly termed as FSC. This makes the choice more sustainable as compared with the use of conventional paper in the process of packaging. The raw material, i.e., paper made of FSC is designed in such a way that they produce huge environmental benefits in the process. 

Cardboard Tube Box: The material used in this type is Cardboard and one of the most significant features is the high amount of recyclable rates. This is very rigid in the process of construction but also keeps the packed product effectively safe and also fresh. Several manufacturers are moving to this kind as it is helpful in lowering carbon footprint and also very effective in the storage part.

To conclude, it is important to stress the importance of customized tea packaging. Customized and printed tea packaging boxes are more preferable these days. They offer the much-wanted benefit for marketers and it is the attraction of customers. Therefore, it can be stated here that packaging is as important as making the product. People can easily associate the quality of the product with the level of packaging. In cases of products like tea, the packaging is not only important for attracting customers but also keeping the quality intact.

Saturday 10 April 2021

Foil Business Cards : 2 Artistic Type of Business Cards to enhance your business


Foil Business Cards

Foil business card is a new and innovative way of designing business cards as it provides a customized look. The benefit of using these card is that it contributes in enhancing and boosting your business. The use of foil cards in business, helps in building a brand image of the company, as from the market research it has been identified that products or services offered to the customer with additional effects like foil business card lead to a good impression. The general mindset of customers is that they preview and considers the products or a service offered by the company is of higher value and quality with the addition of such features. Hence, foil business cards are having a significant impact on the perception of customers and are one of the effective printed marketing tools for increasing the customer base. The business cards with foil printed are also known as hot foil stamping. One of the important features of foil cards is that they are eye-catching and stand different in a crowded place. Moreover, these cards can attract and engage customers with their distinctive and impressive look. From the competition point of view, as the level of competition is increasing in all types of industries such as hospitality, retail, etc the use of foil printed card in business contributes to providing a competitive advantage.

Types of Foil business cards

Silver Foil and Gold Foil are the majorly used pattern in designing foil business cards as they give premium look and enhance the appearance of the card in a beautiful way. The major benefit of these cards is that they are printed in a different range of designs and business unities can get foil cards printed in their customized manner.

Along with silver and gold foil type, there is some more variety of foil type which is as follow-

  • Gloss Pigment Foil- Information printed on this type of foil is high in terms of glossiness but on the other hand, contains nonmetallic finishing.
  • Matte Pigment Foil- In this type of printing, the information looks dull with no shine on it and involves the use of solid colors.
  • Special Effect Foils- This type of printing is mainly done with the use of leathers, marbles, pearls, etc with the motive to provide interesting texture.
  • Holographic Foil- This type of foil printing requires high-tech effects as printing actions involve the use of hologram.

Method of Foil Printing

Foil printing is one of the unique printing processes which involves the use of heat, pressure, and metallic paper that is foil. The purpose of this printing is to develop different shiny designs and graphics on different materials as a base. Hence, this printing technique uses metallic or pigmented foil on a solid surface as a base. The unique feature of this printing method is that it comes in a wide range of colors. However, the most preferred colors are silver and gold as they are attractive.

Why companies should use foil printing in business

Business unities across the globe are using this printing method in their projects with the motive to stand out in the marketplace as one of the premium options.

  • Prestigious look- As companies are focusing on launching new products or services in the marketplace which can grab the attention of people and do not introduce an average product. Same in this manner, these cards are vital and stand out in the market. Moreover, most of the popular companies are using the foil printing method as an effective tool to attract potential customers as this technique is been consider as of superior quality. Companies using foil printing in their print projects can associate themselves with higher quality and look luxuries in comparison to other printed projects which gather dust only.

  • Versatile- It’s not like that adding foil printing to your print projects is sufficient that is, one cannot able to add something different. The foil printing can be done in different ways with a range of color options; hence, it is versatile.

There is nothing more satisfactory in the business where with the use of simple printing technique the company can provide an impressive look to cards, brochures, etc. In general, there is no such limitation of foil printing and it might be used in various events such as in invitation cards, in packaging, in promotional materials, and many more.

Monday 5 April 2021

The Best Source For Regular Writing Needs: The Hardbound Diaries and Notebooks

 A notebook or diary is often known as a notepad, writing pad, drawing pad, or legal pad. It is in form of a book or stack of paper pages. This can be used for a variety of purposes. These purposes are just not limited to studying or writing to-do activities. It can be used for drawing or scrapbooking also, as a notebook can come in the ruled or blank form as well.

Hardbound diaries are a stack of papers which comes in the form of 200 pages of European paper from sustainable forests, hard bound with a canvas-like finish Italian bookbinding paper, bookmarking ribbon and an elastic band to hold things together.

Artists often use large notebooks, which include wide spaces of blank paper appropriate for drawing. Similarly, composers utilize notebooks for writing their "lyrics". Lawyers use rather large notebooks known as legal pads that contain lined paper (often yellow) and are appropriate for use on tables and desks. These horizontal lines or "rules" are sometimes classified according to their space apart with "wide rule" the farthest, "college rule" closer, "legal rule" slightly closer, and "narrow rule" closest, allowing more lines of text per page. When sewn into a pasteboard backing, these may be called composition books, or in smaller signatures may be called "blue books" or exam books and used for essay exams.

In contrast, journalists prefer small, hand-held notebooks for portability (reporters' notebooks), and sometimes use shorthand when taking notes. Scientists and other researchers use lab notebooks to document their experiments. The pages in lab notebooks are sometimes graph paper to plot data. Police officers are required to write notes on what they observe, using a police notebook. Land surveyors commonly record field notes in durable, hard-bound notebooks called "field books."

Coloring enthusiasts use coloring notebooks for stress relief. The pages in coloring notebooks contain different adult coloring pages. Students take notes in notebooks, and studies suggest that the act of writing (as opposed to typing) improves learning.

Notebook pages can be recycled via standard paper recycling. Recycled notebooks are available, differing in recycled percentage and paper quality.

A hardbound journal not only motivates the writer to complete its pages by writing their opinions and thoughts but also is designed in a way that inspires the writer to keep the content safe. Hardbound journals outperform softcover ones in that regard, their covers acting as built-in shields to prevent pages from bending and rippling. Whether you are using your journal as a diary or filling it with notes or lists, all the details—from paper quality to size—really matter.

1. Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook

This type of journal is a bit expensive but it is one of the best qualities in terms of durability, quality, and timeless design. This notebook is covered by leather-like things and it is very firm which can also be used as the writing surface, but the manufacturing also provides a quite flexible design to it. The pages are a soothing ivory color and have little bleed-through, and they can easily be torn out without ruining the binding. Moleskine’s hardcover notebooks are available with ruled, dotted, plain, or gridded pages.

2. Ursunshine Dotted Grid Notebook

If you’re an avid bullet journaler, you likely use a lot of pens and markers, and perhaps even paint. This minimal notebook features pages with perfectly aligned dots and the off-white sheets are very thick to prevent both ghosting and bleeding, even if you’re using something as inky as a fountain pen. The binding is strong, the faux leather cover is tough, and the size is perfect for carrying with you everywhere. Compared with Moleskine’s dotted notebook, the dots here are more defined so you can avoid mistakes as you write.

3. Lemome Thick Classic Notebook

Lemome’s notebook is perfect for writing with total abandon. It features 180 pages with widely spaced dotted lines—a more subtle alternative to full lines—and the sheets are heavy enough to prevent bleed-through and feathering. The faux leather cover feels like the real thing and is bound separately to the spine so the book lays flat when open for easy writing. There’s also a pen loop for keeping your favorite implement in a convenient place.

4. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

You theoretically won’t ever have to buy another notebook after you purchase Rocketbook’s journal, which allows you to enjoy the physical experience of writing and drawing on paper and then archive each page digitally. You have to use a special Frixion pen—one is included, and you can buy others in a range of fun colors—to write on the dotted 8.5-by-11-inch pages, and when you’re ready, scan the page using the related mobile app. The app will then send the contents to your desired location. Then you can erase your writing with a simple wipe, using the included microfiber cloth.

5. BooQool Classic Ruled Notebooks

This is a budget-friendly pick designed in the same mold as the Moleskine and Lemome products. Each journal has a good weight to it. The college-ruled paper is heavy—albeit slightly stiff—and the cover thick, smooth, and sturdy. The spine doesn’t lie completely flat, but if this isn’t a dealbreaker, this is a solid notebook for filling up with your daily thoughts and more. And once you’ve run out of pages, you’ll have a second notebook to dive right into.