Saturday 18 April 2020

Reach Your Audience with Offset Printing

For companies interested in high-volume printing on a professional level, offset printing is a step above the modern digital printing process. Through offset printing in India you can seamlessly transform your next big idea into a poster image, brochure booklet, flyer and postcard—all of which match in perfect consistency of color. In determining whether off-printing is your print solution, consider the following merits of this printing technique.

Cost-Effective High-Volume Printing
Unlike digital printing which takes an image from a computer or program directly to printer, offset printing involves creating plates for ink transfer. Anodized aluminum is transformed into printing plates where the image is etched. These plates are used in a traditional form of printing involving rolling ink over the plate using a fountain roller. For high-volume printing, this method ensures less waste and more efficient printing results. Ink use is fully controllable in offset printing so that prints are not lost to insufficient contrast or fading colors. Additionally, a professional printer operator will manually control the flow of ink onto the plates with offset printing to create a perfect copy every single time. A printing plate can be made quickly thanks to today’s technology, and a single plate can produce a million or so prints.

Increased Color Accuracy and Consistency
Every print produced for a professional setting needs to be spot-on and precise. Fading, lack of contrast, and coloring that is inconsistent speaks poorly of the business being represented on paper. When choosing offset printing, color accuracy is consistent thanks to the printing plate and ink roller methods. For the best results possible. Few printing companies out there provide this international standard of excellence in uniform color. 

Various Finishing Options
When printing thousands of sales letters, magazines, newspapers, manuals, brochures or menus, the task of finishing these products is extraordinary in scope. After all, who has the time to hand-fold 10,000 brochures? With offset printing look for a printing service that also provides a variety of finishing options both inline and offline. Folding, drilling, perforation and scoring can be handled in-house by printing professionals who have equipment set for the task at hand. Other specialty options to look for include shrink wrapping, foil stamping, embossing, laminating and binding.

Supports Oversized Formats
While offset printing is typically associated with high-volume, it is equally as useful for oversized formats, such as posters, banners and signs. Thanks to the printing plates used in offset printing the logo, graphics or lettering used in oversized formats will not suffer from blurring or resolution problems. Instead, your poster or large-scale print will be produced using color accuracy and consistency that is in focus with the coloration and design of your other offset printing projects. Creating a cohesive corporate image for your business across all mediums from letterhead to brochures to posters is the professional solution, only available with offset printing.

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