Tuesday 30 June 2020

National Doctor's Day 2020: Why India Celebrates Medical Professionals on July 1

In the current times of the coronavirus pandemic, the world has realized the importance of doctors more than ever. To celebrate this spirit, July 1 is celebrated as National Doctor's Day in India. As the name suggests, the day marks and honour doctors and physicians for their round the clock service.

National Doctor's Day is different from the one celebrated in the US, marked on March 30. However, both days express gratitude towards the medical professionals who who treat the health of the patients above theirs.

In India, Doctor's Day is celebrated by the Indian Medical Association, which announces a theme every year. Last year, the theme for National Doctor's Day was 'Zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishments'. For the year 2020, the theme is yet to be announced.

In India, the National Doctor's Day is celebrated on July 1 each year to honour the birth and death anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was a great physician and also the second Chief Minister of West Bengal.

In his memory, the West Bengal government has announced a state holiday on July 1, urging the central government to announce it a national holiday.

Roy was deeply interested in learning medicine and kept trying to submit his application at St Bartholomew's Hospital in England even after being rejected 30 times. To honour his commitments and the work done by all the doctors, India will mark the special celebration on July 1.

Saturday 20 June 2020

World Environment Day 2020: 5th JUNE

World Environment Day is observed across the world to raise awareness about the environment and the importance of conserving the planet.

World Environment Day is observed on June 5. Countries across the world mark this day to raise awareness about the environment and the importance of conserving the planet.

The theme this year is 'Celebrate Biodiversity'. It is said that World Environment Day is the biggest annual event organised by the United Nations.

In 1972, the United Nations held a conference and it is here that the decision for an annual celebration of a day dedicated to the environment was taken. Two years later in 1974, the first World Environment Day was celebrated with the theme 'Only One Earth'.

This year, the day will be hosted by Colombia in partnership with Germany.

Theme, logo, story of International Yoga Day - World Yoga Day

The main goal of International Yoga Day (Yoga Diwas) is to raise awareness of yoga and educate people about the benefits of yoga. International yoga day in India is celebrated by the Ministry of "AYUSH".

International Yoga Day or World Yoga Day is celebrated annually on June 21. And this year, Yoga Day 2019 was also observed in India and around the world on June 21, 2019. There is no public holiday on that day. It is a day for people around the world to educate the public about yoga.

The theme of the fifth International Yoga Day 2019, announced this year by the AYUSH ministry, was "Yoga for the Heart". And according to the UN, the theme of Yoga Day 2019 was "climate action". Yoga Day 2019 is organized in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand.

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Thursday 18 June 2020

Printing Process and workers contribution steps

Printing workers typically do the following: Arrange pages so that materials can be printed. Operate laser plate-making equipment that converts electronic data to plates. Review job orders to determine quantities to be printed, paper specifications, colours, and special printing instructions.
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Printing Assistant and Table Worker
Printing Assistants and Table Workers perform a variety of tasks in operating printing presses and bindery equipment and manually finishing printed books and products. They use a variety of printing press and other machines and should have knowledge of printer operations and provide quality assurance printing.

Duties and tasks
Assist Printers to mix ink and solvents to specifications and monitor ink quality and paper supply while running prints
Assist with setting up printing jobs as well as operating printing machine functions such as ink methods, feeding and delivering contrivances
Clean printers and machines as well as work areas and waste
Ensure printing, paper, ink and binding quality of prints
Provide basic maintenance on printing and binding machines and oil machines to ensure proper functioning
Use machines and manually fold, organise, attach and bind printed works
Use specialised tools and equipment to finish printed products, including gluing machines, automated carton folding and casing-in and binders

Skills required
Attention to Detail
Critical Thinking
Organisational and Coordinating Skills
Technical Abilities
Time Management