Saturday 10 April 2021

Foil Business Cards : 2 Artistic Type of Business Cards to enhance your business


Foil Business Cards

Foil business card is a new and innovative way of designing business cards as it provides a customized look. The benefit of using these card is that it contributes in enhancing and boosting your business. The use of foil cards in business, helps in building a brand image of the company, as from the market research it has been identified that products or services offered to the customer with additional effects like foil business card lead to a good impression. The general mindset of customers is that they preview and considers the products or a service offered by the company is of higher value and quality with the addition of such features. Hence, foil business cards are having a significant impact on the perception of customers and are one of the effective printed marketing tools for increasing the customer base. The business cards with foil printed are also known as hot foil stamping. One of the important features of foil cards is that they are eye-catching and stand different in a crowded place. Moreover, these cards can attract and engage customers with their distinctive and impressive look. From the competition point of view, as the level of competition is increasing in all types of industries such as hospitality, retail, etc the use of foil printed card in business contributes to providing a competitive advantage.

Types of Foil business cards

Silver Foil and Gold Foil are the majorly used pattern in designing foil business cards as they give premium look and enhance the appearance of the card in a beautiful way. The major benefit of these cards is that they are printed in a different range of designs and business unities can get foil cards printed in their customized manner.

Along with silver and gold foil type, there is some more variety of foil type which is as follow-

  • Gloss Pigment Foil- Information printed on this type of foil is high in terms of glossiness but on the other hand, contains nonmetallic finishing.
  • Matte Pigment Foil- In this type of printing, the information looks dull with no shine on it and involves the use of solid colors.
  • Special Effect Foils- This type of printing is mainly done with the use of leathers, marbles, pearls, etc with the motive to provide interesting texture.
  • Holographic Foil- This type of foil printing requires high-tech effects as printing actions involve the use of hologram.

Method of Foil Printing

Foil printing is one of the unique printing processes which involves the use of heat, pressure, and metallic paper that is foil. The purpose of this printing is to develop different shiny designs and graphics on different materials as a base. Hence, this printing technique uses metallic or pigmented foil on a solid surface as a base. The unique feature of this printing method is that it comes in a wide range of colors. However, the most preferred colors are silver and gold as they are attractive.

Why companies should use foil printing in business

Business unities across the globe are using this printing method in their projects with the motive to stand out in the marketplace as one of the premium options.

  • Prestigious look- As companies are focusing on launching new products or services in the marketplace which can grab the attention of people and do not introduce an average product. Same in this manner, these cards are vital and stand out in the market. Moreover, most of the popular companies are using the foil printing method as an effective tool to attract potential customers as this technique is been consider as of superior quality. Companies using foil printing in their print projects can associate themselves with higher quality and look luxuries in comparison to other printed projects which gather dust only.

  • Versatile- It’s not like that adding foil printing to your print projects is sufficient that is, one cannot able to add something different. The foil printing can be done in different ways with a range of color options; hence, it is versatile.

There is nothing more satisfactory in the business where with the use of simple printing technique the company can provide an impressive look to cards, brochures, etc. In general, there is no such limitation of foil printing and it might be used in various events such as in invitation cards, in packaging, in promotional materials, and many more.

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